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Mid Season Grades

Boredom has gotten the best of me and I kinda wanna see everyone else's grades.


Rinne A - Rinne has played great except for the few times coming back from the injury and knocking the rust off, but he is our best goalie and could decide the playoffs.

A+ - Most of us were worried about the goalie situation to start the season, I think its safe to say none of us are worried at all. Lindback has also saved the season when many of us thought an injury to Pekka would kill us.


Weber A- - Weber was exposed when Suter was out, but has still managed to be an awesome defenseman for us.

Suter A+ - The best shutdown defenseman in the league, and his value was made clear in his absence.

Klein A- - I took the Klein avatar just because I figured no one would want it because he was the whipping boy and sucked last year. He has been much better this year but still has an error every once and a while.

A- - A steadying veteran presence on the blueline but like Klein he is capable of some gaffes.

Franson B+ - Our weak link defensively but he makes up for it offensively and is growing as a player.

O'Brien A - For years we have wanted a tough physical defenseman who would clear the front of the net and add some grit. We finally found him and he has also shown a bit of skill on the offensive side of things with a few nice moves.

Sulzer C+ - A 7th defenseman who can fill in holes, but obviously is rusty at times and still needs experience to become a better player.


Spaling A+ - I believe he is the reason our PK has turned around and has been nothing but an elite defensive forward. His offense is not much but seems to be coming around some, but Spaling is helping the team.

Smithson B+ - Smithson has been Smithson. Nothing spectacular just a good team guy who leaves it on the ice.

Tootoo A- - For a while Tootoo was providing some decent offense and has remained fairly disciplined this year. He still leaves something to be desired but for a 3rd or 4th liner he's doing his job.

Ward C+ - Joel is on pace for about 15 points less this year than the previous two years and Ward has been losing battles more often as well. While there are a few bright spots this year for Ward, he has not lived up to expectations.

Dumont D - It seems the desire is there for JP and sometimes the skill shows through, but wow he is not the same player as a few years ago.

Legwand A - This grade seems high for Legwand but every game he is in he is picking off passes or breaking up plays or even getting on the score sheet. Ive also noticed him attempting to hit a bit more this year. Definately a key element if we are to succeed in the playoffs.

Goc A+ - When Poile signed Goc I believe he killed the real version and cloned Legwand. He is a player who has done everything for the team, little things and big things. Will probably have a career year again this year.

Erat A- - It was obvious Erat was injured at the beginning of the year then when he got healthy the numbers started coming and he played a part in the emergence of Kostitsyn. He just needs to stay healthy like the rest of the team.

O'Reilly A- - Provided a nice offensive spark in the beginning of the year then fell off. Still not many of us were expecting much of anything from Cal.

Sullivan B+ - Sully is still an offensive threat but misses on breakaways and just isn't the player he used to be. Still he has added to the team and is one of the best offensive players we have.

Wilson B+ - The talent is there but he still needs to put it together. One game Wilson will dominate then he will go cold for 2 or 3. The past few games have been a good sign, but lets see him keep it up.

Hornqvist A- - Our leading goal scorer and one of the hardest workers, but I believe Hornqvist could be even better the second half of the season. Hes found his groove and lets hope it lasts til June.

A+ - A true talent and has really turned it on lately. I was expecting at best another playmaker, but if there is a shot Kostitsyn takes it. He also comes back and plays defense and will play PP and PK. This is a player I am actually excited to see for the coming years and hopefully he is not on a 20 game hot steak that ends.

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