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Originally Posted by Jedrik View Post
In my post I clearly said

Someone who can play in the bottom-6 and do a decent job. It's my feeling that it's only a matter of time before Subban gets jumped and totally pounded, hurt, injured, whatever, since the refs have proven that they are incapable of adequately protecting players. People will be singing a different tune then.

'We won, they lost' is such a lazy analysis. So if the B's had put that game away in the third then your philosophy would be irrelevant? If they win next time then the reverse is true?
What's our record against the Bruins this year ? 3-0... yeah, I think this team is undeafted... and 5-1 last year...

As for "enforcer".. You seem to think that enforcers can't play... Enforcers are the players who fight to earn their paychecks, some can manage on the 4th line and some don't deserve to set foot in a nhl arena... but both are overpaid, useless and waste a roster spot. Thornton, Neal, Orr who play 82 games a year aren't as good hockey players as anyone in our roster.

I'd like to get bigger as a team, in our TOP 6, because their the ones that are on the ice more often... but talented players with size are hard to find on the market.

...fights are useless...

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