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06-29-2005, 01:52 AM
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I personally love these HF threads whereby the "haves" of the world are assuredly going down the drain (" big trouble!" ), while the "have nots" are just as assuredly headed toward success.

Contending teams of the near future? Well, the near future means the next three to five seasons, no?

For that time period, I'll put my money on the Avs, Devils, Flyers, Sens, Lightning and Wings (read: current, proven winners). You can take Florida, Nashville, Columbus, Phoenix, etc. (Read: teams with younnnnng talent, cap room and, up to this point, no indication whatsoever that they possess the management acumen required to build a serious contender.)

Wanna guess which group will render more Cups, 2005-2010? Surely, there will be a changing of the guard, it's only natural. But it won't be nearly as swift and dramatic as suggested by some.

Under the next CBA, the best teams of the last decade will likely be losing a degree of payroll maneuverability. Far as I can tell, however, the next CBA will not stipulate that the best teams will be forced to lose their single strongest advantage over all others - the best management.

Translation: post CBA, Lou Lamariello will still be Lou Lamariello....and David Poile will still be David Poile. And so on.

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