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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Ahhh yes here we go again with the whole "I watch the games who needs the facts" take. It was a bit overdue, I think I last heard that line about a week ago? And I'm also overjoyed that Tony took his little shot at me, too; just wraps this **** topic up with a neat ribbon.

I guess if we throw out the numbers, we can make an argument that Kevin Westgarth is a better player than Anze Kopitar, but it doesn't make it a good argument, does it?

For the millionth time - I watch the games, too. And it's very evident that Doughty has been better this season. If you want to say he hasn't lived up to whatever expectations were set for him on the BB (30 goals? 100 points? +10000? World Peace?) that's cool. But he's still the best all-around defenseman on this team. My eyes see it, the facts say it. And do you know what the funny thing is? It's not even really that close, honestly.

... Unless you're at their homes or in the gym with them or in the locker room with them, it's just hearsay and speculation and biases and rumours. Not interested.
A lot of scouting and assessment in the league is done without numbers. They are a nice thing to have and throw around, but if you don't watch the individual you will know nothing about them. You can get everything you need from watching the individual without the numbers, but if it was the other way around, you would know nothing.

Doughty is quite noticeably a step or two behind his form of last year. He has been hesitant with the puck, and his decisions which have been questionable overall. He hasn't been terrible, but he hasn't been that top-flight guy from last season yet. He, of course, is young, still has the ability, and is coming along just fine. It is all experience under the bridge, but he is entering another level/stage from last season, and hasn't quite figured it out yet. His shots aren't reaching the goal, and he has stumbled a few times when encountering the new found pressures from the opposition after becoming prime target #1 on the blueline.

As far as Johnson is concerned, his conditioning is well noted through quotes that he is one of the hardest workers off the ice and takes his conditioning very seriously. It was mostly mentioned last offseason, and the season before when he was expected to take the #1 role and then fell to injury and Doughty took it from there. Quick has always been regarded as the best athletically, but Johnson has also been regarded as being right up there with him. Murray, Dean, Hextall, and a couple of players have noted this in interviews if memory serves me correctly.


“We still have a lot of guys who haven't scored a goal since Jesus was a baby.” - Darryl Sutter
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