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01-10-2011, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by JtotheLew View Post
10 teams in the league average 32+ shots per game, 4 of them avg over 33..Boston, Detroit, Buffalo, and San Jose rounding off #1 with 33.7 shots per game..That means that those 10 teams are getting those 32 shots per game against every team they play, which would mean every goalie would benefit from this ''statistical blessing'' you speak of.

And our defensive style is bad defense, so it's not just that we're letting them shoot from bad spots, it's that we're letting them shoot whenever they want.

RIGHT NOW, Hiller is playing like a top 5 goalie in the NHL, and I would think it is just a once in a lifetime streak but I have seen it twice before.In the playoffs and at the Olympics last year playing for a team with only 1 other NHLer on it.

Realistically he is probably somewhere in the 7-10 range..but if he keeps elevating his game and working on the stuff he struggles with ( he is still so young ) he could easily become an all-star goalie, the one thing that I love to hear is how determined he is and how he is not happy just being an NHL goalie, you can tell he hates to lose and is hard on himself

The guy is a naturally gifted goalie who obviously has some things to work on
I'm not sure you actually followed what I meant by the skewed SV% but I can't be bothered going into it as I feel that my point won't get across even if I made the effort explaining it.

I do agree that if he continues to play the way he has the past fortnight then we can safely say he's amongst the best in the game. Consistency has been his biggest issue but if he keeps this up and can drastically reduce the number of soft goals he allows at inappropriate times (which he has been doing rather well with lately) then I agree, he belongs amongst the NHLs elite.

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