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Originally Posted by Mathradio View Post
Three Canadian leagues play MHL-level hockey. Quebec (more like Eastern Canada), Ontario and Western.
Well yes, but you also have almost 10 times more registered junior players in Canada than in Russia, thus Major junior hockey composed of 3 leagues, Junior A, Junior B, etc.

In Russia - there's the MHL, the top junior league. Then you might have some other lower leagues for junior players, but these leagues are not covered by the media, or maybe only by some regional media outlets.

You see - the third tier of Russian hockey, below KHL and VHL, the Pervaya Liga, is not a single league, or it might sound like a single league, but in reality it's composed of 4 regional leagues (or divisions) that are controled by regional organizations supervised by the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia. Teams from these 4 divisions only play against teams from their own division throughout the season - the divisions are isolated from one another. Thus I presume that if there is something similar to Canada's Junior A, Junior B, etc., that is some junior leagues 1 tier below MHL, it would be some regional leagues controled by these regional organizations. Obviously you don't hear about these leagues in the mainstream nationwide media.

Edit: Also before MHL's creation in 2009 Russian junior players used to play in lower leagues of Russian senior hockey, like the pervaya liga mentioned earlier for example. Thus if there are no lower level leagues specifically made for juniors (I'm not sure there are), junior players below MHL level of play probably play in some lower tier (regional) senior league.

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