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10-08-2003, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by metallicat
Mark my word. Comrie will play for the Oilers this year. Any bets against?
Its not a good bet. Comrie doesn't seem to want to be an Oiler, for whatever reason. The reward for screwing your team, quite frequently, is a bigger paycheque. Lowe may just want to get him out soon, thereby ensuring in the future that every player with talent will merely hint at holding out and they'll be shuttled off to a place where they make 50% more dough for themselves and their agents. Goodbye Hemsky. Nice to have seen you on your first contract. Have fun in Dallas.

But I would say that I'm still undecided at this point. I subscribe to the theory that if you don't have sufficient hard evidence, you risk being the fool if you come to a solid conclusion. Until then, you must let go of the need to be privy to The Truth and merely believe in multiple possibilities. The evidence, as I see it, is stronger now, but nowhere near leakproof.

As I mentioned in another thread, I'm a chronic skeptic and I would add that I can be a fairly persistent cynic (see first paragraph for a demonstration). The cynic in me says that this could just be standard self-interests playing out in the form of negotiations. This has been a delay and, as of now, a 1 day holdout. (Yes, all this commotion over a 1 day holdout.) Are we now going to assume a trade is inevitable for every holdout?

Also, haven't you ever been in a relationship where your partner walks around moody and seems irascible but doesn't say anything out loud and you think there's some sort of imminent blowout to occur...and it turns out you just left the toothpaste cap off and a quick apology is all that was required? Woudn't THAT be nice

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