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01-11-2011, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Whatever deal you make for any of the guys discussed in this thread is going to be pretty meh imo.

Kaberle is probably the best player out of the group, but theres no way we are getting him without giving Burke a ton in return. The Toronto media will have a meltdown considering Kaberle has been involved in so many rumors. He is their ticket to a big part of their rebuild in a sense.

McCabe would be really nice for the PP, but he doesnt offer much in the way of defense. If you plan on using him on the 3rd pairing with an Eminger or Del Zotto, that could be nightmarish. Would he boost the offense, sure... but again - Florida is going to want something back of prospect value and im not sure if im ready to give up on a guy like Grachev to rent him. The Rangers do have 2 2nd rounders this draft dont they? That could be an option - but I think you could put that pick to better use imo.

Commodore would come cheap and be a vet addition with a cup but his game has really taken a dip. I know he can perform in the playoffs but besides him regrowing that fro im not sure if hes really got a lot to offer this team. No thanks.

Phillips is actually a guy I wouldnt mind playing some middle D minutes. Strong, experienced vet. Sturdy in his own end, plenty of playoff experience. Not flashy. This is guy who probably could be had for a relatively fair price. A cap hit that can be absorbed easily. Im sure hes looking to win... I wouldnt be opposed to this, though i wouldnt plan on giving him a ton of responsibility.

Pitkanen Probably the most talented of the group. Something always rubbed me the wrong way with him, but hes got very good hockey sense when he applies himself. There are moments of lackadaisical play with him though. And im not entirely sure you want to spend what will be probably be a pretty hefty price to land a guy who is capable of playing 25+ minutes a night when you have Staal and Girardi to do that. Of course it will be an added bonus being able to spell those two and Pitkanen would be a no-brainer upgrade to the team, but at what cost? If you look at recent years, Carolina has always tried to make improvements to their team at the deadline. I think theyll be there right to the end and wont be sellers.

Bieksa - Younger than Salo, might benefit from a change of scenery. Kind of has the same rap in Vancouver as Rozy did here, a lot unwarranted. But hes a guy who can rachet up his game in the playoffs and would probably fit in nicely on a second pairing here. Wouldn't be against this one, but i'm sure Vancouver would like to keep that defense depth going into what they hope is going to be a long road in the playoffs.
Here would be my wishlist in order of who I think would be a better fit and potential players that could be used to get them here.

1) Kaberle : Finally adds the PP Qb they needed. Best offensive Dmen that has been mentioned and plays the left side. Max that should be given for a rental...

Can the Rangers add Kaberle in a deal based around the hobbit, and the Washington Pick?

2) Bieksa : Adds leadership, adds muscle. Adds a scrapper who stand up for his teammates. Replaces any offense that Roszival brought. Lefty.

Christensen and a pick for him? How about just a 2nd rounder for him? How about we get crazy here...NYR 1st 2011, Christensen, Zuccarello, Valentenko For Bieska and Hodgson? Too much? <--Hearing this may not be the best draft class.

3) McCabe : Pending UFA at seasons end. Plays the left side. Can play PP as well. Big salary could warrant FLA to dump the remaining contract for a draft pick.

2nd rounder.

4) Pitkanen : Not that I want him less than any of the other, I just don't think he is getting moved. Carolina may make the playoffs.

5) Commodore : Half price on reentry? Could be an option. At full cost, it's too much for the retuirn.

6) Phillips : Could certainly be had. Add vet leadership. Probably wants out of Ott. Physical, but doesn't add to the PP. His presence could potentially hamper development of a younger player.

The more this plays out the more I think that Kaberle is the guy.

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