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10-08-2003, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by hosehead
Like most posters I thought the column was a bit odd & kind of insensitive when I first read it. However after reading again I agree with Garry Valk -- I think Ulmer is trying to point out the reality of the situation.

I also think he is taking the piss out of people who are trying to portray Heatley as a tragic figure -- he'll pay the same price anybody else would for losing control of his vehicle & killing someone. I don't think he was deameaning the victim of Craig Mactavish -- i think he's pointing out that there was alot of focus on Snyder because he was a hockey player. Would everyone know the name of the victim if it was Heatleys maid , hairdresser, agent or chauffeur ?

Ulmer also notes that after the funeral Snyder will be forgotten -- the question won't be about what punishment is just for taking another persons life , the question will be how will Heatley's hockey career be affected.

Let's be honest -- if I was speeding in my '93 Topaz , ripped it in half and killed someone if I got 15 years in jail most people would say I got what I deserved & I think the same would apply for everyone else on the board who isn't a pro athlete.

I think Ulmer did a good job of getting people thinking
I thought about that, and tried to see it as this, before I posted this article. I never saw it as that, but perhaps you are correct.

I emailed Ulmer and asked him these very questions. I'll post his reply if I get one.

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