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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Neither player is on IR. Even on IR, they still count against the cap. IR allows you to go over the cap, but you have to use up your remaining cap space first.

That 10 million number is using the bonus cushion, which we don't want to do. Depending on what bonuses are earned, we may have substantially less than 10 mil.

My best guess based on the numbers and which players are likely to earn bonuses and which are not, is anywhere between 2.7 mil and 5 mil, roughly. I'm sure Cam Hope has it all figured out already.

Basically, this is what it boils down to.

Projected cap space: $2,329,431
Current bonuses: $3,130,000 (capgeek's # does not include MDZ)

If all bonuses are earned and nothing else changes, we will roll over about 800k into next year's cap.

However, if Prospal doesn't play this year, then he won't earn his 1.4 mil bonus. That gives us 600k to work with. The trade deadline is Feb 28th. As of that day, there will be 41 days left in the season (out of 186), roughly 22%. Inverted, that gives a multiplier of 4.537 (ie. 1 mil prorated at the deadline = 4.537 mil).

That scenario would give us about 2.7 mil to work with (600k * 4.537).

If McDonagh (425k) and Weise (80k) do not earn their bonuses, then we've got about 5 mil to work with.

I'm assuming that Stepan, MDZ and MZA will all earn their bonuses. If MZA does not (and Prospal, McD and Weise do not), then our cap space goes up to about 8.8 mil.

I'm sure RB will correct me if I'm wrong on any of these numbers, but this is how I understand it to work.
What is Frolov is put on the LITR? (if thats what it is)....dont they not count against the cap under that status

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