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Originally Posted by HF Article View Post
There is plenty of disappointment these days when the Adirondack Phantoms are mentioned in Philadelphia.

Read what I expected, you didnt disappoint.

Well there are some inaccuracies as Maroon wasnt the top prospect. You should have stated you think he was the top prospect.

Who has discussed Wellwood as being one of the best if not the best player on the phantoms? Has the flyers brass said this or is this your opinion?

You conveniently fail to mention why Pither was used on the 4th line, despite what his talents may or may not be. He worked his way up to earn the role he is now playing.

How do you know Kalinski was involved in a few locker room problems? Do you have anything to back that up? Or is it just speculation by you based on the fact he was talked to by Holmgren?

Who is Testicles earning praise from as I must have missed that.

The great Gus +/- is more of him being on a struggling team than his play. Isnt he part of the reason they are struggling or is he absolved form any blame? Well that is your opinion and not a fact. Do you watch him play 5 on 5? He earns his keep on the pp. He is not good defensively.

The finn showed the world what he could do last year is one of the best lines I have heard in a while. You say he has not been playing well, then go on to say “not that he has been bad because he clearly performed well enough despite the circumstances”. Which one is it? What circumstances? He has played poorly. He has looked poor defensively. Is it hard for you to say when a player hasn’t played well?

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