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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
I dislike Halo, but still don't really like the PS3. I have a 360 and a Wii. I do wish could play games like LBP and Heavy Rain though. I was a PS1 and PS2/GC person last 2 gens, but that was mainly due to great 3rd party games on PS2 (I love RPGs). Most of todays great games launch on both 360 and PS3, besides a few exclusives on each side, but usually launch on 360 first. I have no direct fandom for 360 or microsoft.

In general I am getting tired of modern games. I find they lack true substance. Bioshock is my favorite game this generation, along with Twilight Princess.

and Irish, I dont play zombies, but my buddies do. Highest I have heard that they have hit was 32 or something (2 people I think).
I posted pretty much the same thing earlier and all I got was someone saying that I just sucked at modern games.

I completely agree though. I miss the days of Unreal Tournament, Super Smash Brothers, Quake: Team Arena, Star Fox 64, and Pokemon Red/Blue to be honest. Maybe it's just nostalgia getting a hold of me, but even today I find my N64 and GBA games far more enjoyable then any of the modern stuff. Modern gaming seems to be all about online play and flair whereas old games seemed to be more about substance. Which I think is true since, back then, online gaming wasn't really around or at least not in the same capacity as it is now. Today's games just seem to be style over substance to me and I'd rather have it the other way around.

I mean, back in the day, developers had to focus on building a complete game with great fundamentals and gameplay to keep a person interested since games were mostly played via single player or with your friends in the same room back then. Today, it's all about online multiplayer, playing with people you don't even know on the same maps over and over again. Single player and party gaming seems to be dying out and, along with it, I believe some quality is going away as well. Maybe it's just me though.

I never played BioShock, but Twilight Princess is awesome.

As far as the PS3 goes, it's not really worth it unless you can play online and have an income high enough to warrant the pricing of the PS3 itself and it's games. Probably helps if you're into Blu-Ray as well.

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