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Originally Posted by Habs Fan in NJ View Post
Hey guys. I'm currently in my 2nd semester of college, and I'll be moving into French 102.

What would you guys say is the best way to learn French, especially Quebecois French? (is it even that different?) I know nothing comes easy, I just want it to be proficient. I got a B+ in my French 101 class, but I feel like I don't know much more than I did heading into it except for maybe picking up a few words per sentence when reading.

I'd prefer not to spend almost $1000 on software, but if that Rosetta Stone type stuff is good then I guess I'll go for that.
I would recommend watching French movies with subtitles in French just so you can connect what you hear with what it looks like written.

I just started teaching one of my best friends. Gave her my dusty Bescherelle from way back when yesterday.

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