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01-11-2011, 11:06 PM
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I think I figured out the Benoit Brunet thing

I love the french language, it's amazing, complicated ... sometimes it's like listening to a harp caught in the summer wind ... other times ... like constipation

But Benoit Brunet today said something that I had to research

I had never heard anyone ever say '' Une Treizaine '' ( he says it right after the Pouliot goal )

I mean douzaine, quanzaine ... but treizane ? WTF ... would he say that, their was about a 9 minute interval ( not counting period interruption ( between the 1st and Second goal ...

But treizaine ?

(XVI e siècle) Trezeine (Randle Cotgrave)

I finally traced it back to 16th century french :

Il y eut une trezene[sic] de maraux qui se disoient estre les nouveaux apostres, et adoroient un galand de leur trouppe, nommé Guillaume Hacquet, comme s’il eust esté Jesus-Christ.

Just saying ... I think Benoit Brunet is a master linguist

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