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01-11-2011, 11:57 PM
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I'm Just Sayin'

At the end of 1/11/11 the Flyers over the last ten games had a 7-3-0 record... Over their last ten games Tampa Bay had a record of 6-3-1 ... Boston and Washington had identical records of 6-1-3.

The Flyers had 7 wins
TB, Boston & the Caps each had 6 wins

The Flyers had only 3 losses
TB, Boston & the Caps had 4 losses each

The Flyers had one more win than each of those teams
The Flyers had one less loss than each of those teams
The Flyers had more wins and less losses than any of those teams

In a 'Normal' and rational World the Flyers would have gained ground on all the teams listed.

In a 'Normal' and rational World a win is a win, and loss is a loss.

... In the NHL:

The Flyers had 14 points over that span
The Bolts had 13 points during those ten games
The Bruins and Capitals had 15 points over that identical ten game period

The Flyers with one more win and one less loss than all three teams lost ground to two of the three teams... and the Lightening lost ground to all three other teams while having the same number of wins and the same number of losses as two of the three.

... I'm just sayin'

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