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01-12-2011, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
It didn't use to be there, and OT was dreadful because of it.

Independent of that, there is a very logical reason why each team should get a point for being tied after 60 minutes. Giving a team 0 pts in a 65 minute game when the final result is decided by 4-on-4 or a SO isn't exactly fair either. As you noted, 3 pts for a win in regulation is (by far) the way it should go.

However, as Valhoun notes, the current point system has minimal effect on the standings... usually only amounting to some slight shifting if you applied one of the other options.
Going to a 1-2-3 system does have a broader affect but merely taking away the loser point has very little. But, really, until 6-7-8 seeds actually start to win Cups then the entire discussion is silly. The fact is, the borderline playoff teams don't win Cups so that artificially compressing the standings due to awarding loser points may make the fight for the last few playoff spots interesting (and raise ratings/ticket sales) it has zero affect on who wins the Cup. The most a poorly seeded team can hope for is maybe playing spoiler. But they don't win ****.

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