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01-12-2011, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
How would you feel about teams getting 0 pts for a SO loss? Think that's fair, or an accurate representation of the quality of those teams? I don't. It's a nice way to add on an extra point, and provide a bit of excitement I suppose... but it tells me nothing about who the better team is at playing hockey.

Now, in an individual game... not a big deal. When you expand that over the course of an entire season... giving one team 2 pts for winning a SO and the other 0, would be a big deal.
Yes I do think that would be fair to give one team 2 points for winning and one team 0 points for losing. And if it isn't, then get rid of the shootout altogether and go back to ties. The shootout is fun, but it isn't a great way to call a game. Think of last season, the Flyers entire season came down to 3 players vs. Boucher and 3 players vs. Lundqvist. Is that a fair way to end a season? Sure, it ended up great for us, but if we would have lost I'm sure there would have been outrage that an entire season of work came down to a couple penalty shots.

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