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Originally Posted by garnetpalmetto View Post
Oh, come on Kevin. A rack of ribs isn't Carolina barbeque! Chopped pork or nothing else! You'd think after three years as a Cane he'd know that.

You also have to love how all three of his restaurant selections are high-end spots. Although, if you have the wherewithal to afford tickets to the game, maybe their menu prices aren't such a big deal. I've been to Sullivan's all of twice - once with my then-girlfriend (now-wife) for Valentine's Day and once with my office for Christmas. It is a good steak, but for my money I think Firebirds is just as good. I've never been to the Angus Barn or Saint-Jacques, but eek...taking a look at Saint-Jacques' menu, all of their dinner entrees are in the $25-$40 price range. A little pricey on a paralegal's salary!

Lastly, even though I don't really have a dog in the UNC-NC State-Duke rivalry since I'm an SEC guy, you have to love the snub to Duke when Amber asks which school Weekes backed - NC State, UNC, or Wake Forest? WTF? I think somebody needs to let Amber know that Wake's in Winston-Salem, not the Triangle.
I was thinking the same as you, if you're going to the All-Star Game from Canada or from outside of Raleigh, I'm pretty sure that Sullivan's and Angus Barn are well within your price range. I'll take the Sullivan's steak over anywhere in the area. Although, we went to Rey's in Cary for New Year's Eve, and the food was damn good. Service not so much.

As for Amber, c'mon man, he's been with TSN forever and they don't pay attention to college basketball up there!

Personally, I find it an endearing quality to snub Dook at every opportunity.

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