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01-12-2011, 02:37 PM
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Crazy Shootout Nonsense!

I hope this doesn't start a vitriolic debate, but I've got some questions about shootout rules.
First of all I hate shootouts in the first place, being a bit of a purist myself, but I think that's a debate for another time.
In the beginning of this "shootout era" I didn't see many things that looked out of place, but after seeing the Vancouver shootout against the New York Islanders makes me think it's gone too far. When I was a kid(how old do I sound?), my coaches always told me that a penalty shot had to be a continuous motion toward the net.
What are the current rules? Is a player really allowed to approach the net, stop and spin around with a "spin-o-rama" move. This essentially allows the player and/or puck to move in a direction AWAY from the net and back toward the center of the ice. If so, doesn't that open a huge can of worms? Think of the possibilites!

What's next, allowing rebounds?

Moderators, if you see fit to put this thread somewhere else, feel free.

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