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01-12-2011, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
I would like to see the AHL do a 3-2-1 system for a season to see what happens. I mean, we can all look at past standings and do the math. That's easy. But one would hope that there'd be a psychologically affect from potentially leaving a point behind by shutting things down at the tail end of the third and in OT.
Exactly... reallocating points on a basis that was not in effect when they played really doesn't prove much... When a team doesn't know those rules going in, they may well play differently. It can be fodder for arguments, but IMO cannot determine what would have been.

All this makes me think of all the Florida 2000 presidential election debates on intents and disenfranchising and hanging/vs dimpled chads... All that led to debates and arguments and court injunctions. Firm rules understood going in, and proper actions upon those rules, allow a definite outcome; anything short of that can be debated forever.

The NHL can determine and implement new rules, but applying the rules to past seasons to determine the effects/results proves little as I see it.

The AHL trial balloon seems to be a great thought.

EDIT: Upon further thought, it would take a while for teams to determine just how they will adjust their play... so a two year AHL test period would actually be better, IMO.

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