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01-12-2011, 07:32 PM
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I got the superfeet inserts for my new pair of skates just a couple weeks ago. I remember when I was buying my previous pair of skates that I tried the inserts on and noticed they didnt fit well. For whatever reason (maybe the guy gave me the wrong size to try on the first time), the inserts felt like they fit me perfectly in my new skates. I had a gap between my arch and the boot and it seemed to fill that in. The skates fit like a glove.

I went to skate on them for the first time and I was expecting a breaking in period where I would need to relearn my balance (although I went from one easton boot to another so I didn't think it'd be that big a deal). For whatever reason, when I skated, I felt like the superfeet insoles were not sitting in the right place and the arch of the insole was elevating my ankle. I couldn't use them. I felt like I was learning to skate all over again, it was terrible, and I'd say I'm a competent skater.

Anyways, I took them out and replaced them with the insoles from my old pair of skates and I can skate well again.

It could be you're learning a new boot, lots of brands sit a little differently, or it could be that the insole is not in the correct spot for your feet and you're not transfering your power correctly.

edit: Thought I read that you had new skates, I guess you don't. Make sure the insole is sitting correctly for you in exactly the right spot and is not forcing your foot to take an unwanted shape. It seems to me that the insole is not correct for your foot, as was my problem.

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