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01-12-2011, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
These two said it all for me basically.

I'm of the opinion that people just like to complain. The system is fine as is. It's better then the tie system and the top teams are going to be the top teams regardless. This system is better then ties and it really doesn't have as grand an impact on the game as everyone likes to believe.
This system came into play because people complained about ties... The old system was fine as it was for many decades.

Personally I had little problem with ties... it was the way I grew up with. If my team came back from being behind to tie it was like a win to me; I went home happy... Conversely, if my team was caught it was like a loss and I left feeling sad.

When my team was in a race for the Division and two division teams were playing I used to hope for a tie so my team could gain ground on both... Now if they are tied after regulation my team can only gain ground on one and could lose ground on both.

I find it odd that a fairly new rule can all of a sudden be treated like it was always the way it was... any call for change is complaining.

My original concern was the Flyers having more wins and less losses over a ten game period and still losing ground... I questioned the rationale of that.

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