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Bands/songs/things I've listened to this past year, not necessarily things that came out in 2010.

You guys know my tastes by this point.

Bomb the Music Industry! - ADULTS!!!SMART!!!****HAMMERED!!!AND EXCITED BY NOTHING!!!
This is what happens when you grow up, and all your heroes die. You make 8-bit, ska-ridden, depression-based lyrics about your ****** apartment building, remembering your teenage years, and how you first got to where you want to be.

Against Me! - White Crosses

This is what happens when you take a band infamous for its early recordings, water it, and watch it grow. There will never be another "Reinventing Axel Rose," but everybody who's ever felt left out and grew up will stomp their feet to "I Was a Teenage Anarchist."

Alkaline Trio - This Addiction

This is what happens when punk rockers hit thirty, settle down, and try to write like they did 12 years prior. It's still catchy, but simply does not stack up to anything before "Crimson."

The Emergency Room - E/P
Dan Adriano (of Alkaline Trio, Slapstick fame) and an acoustic guitar. Dan's writing has become increasingly mature, and his simple tunes about growing up, old, and out of former skins are beautiful. Check out youtube for "Me and Denver."

The Broadways - Broken Star and Broken Van
One of the first bands to come out of the break up of seminal ska-punk band Slapstick. One half of the band would later form the Lawrence Arms. Somewhere between melodic hardcore and midwestern punk. Dan Hanaway's nasally vocals, the ripping guitars, and political lyrics are still prudent.

The Huntingtons - Get Lost
1999's "Get Lost" was the Huntingtons' first album. Ramone pogo punk at its finest. We're still asking "What Would Joey Do," and I can listen to "No Pool Party Tonight" over and over.

The Unlovables - Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak
Straight up, girl-fronted pop punk from NYC. The Donnas wish they could have sounded this good. Currently on hiatus as the lead singer is performing off Broadway.

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