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01-13-2011, 12:15 AM
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excruciating pain with new skates

I recently bought the mission lieutenant inline skates at a deep deep discount price online. I wore them twice and got blisters on the inside of both feet, pretty much right in the middle of the circular bone(malleolar). The pain was not unbearable but it hurt. So I then baked them, played once, and when i played again the pain was so bad that I had to take myself out of the game. I baked them a second time, and again, had to take myself out. I even bought Bunga Pads for the malleolar bone and the pain is still beyond belief, constant grimmacing and wincing. I wore a pair of my brothers skates(not the lieutenents) the last 2 time, same size as mine, and zero pain. I went to some local places and tried on diff skates, and there was ankle pain in each one. I even had my boots punched out and that did NOTHING. people have said to just break em in by skating on them, but how can i skate on them when the pain is too much to take? Anyone own these skates and/or had similar probs? Thanks, end of novel

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