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01-13-2011, 01:28 AM
Kriss E
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Pouliot has been one of our best and more consistent players since the beginning of the year. I never understood why Martin removed him from the 2nd line after three games. He was the better of the three players on that line, so it made me upset. But I'm very happy with him so far.

Plekanec, our best forward, is producing a point every 25.59 minutes. Pouliot, is scoring a point every 26.07 minutes.
Of course, I'm not taking into consideration the difference in the quality of opponents they each face. Plek's line will get a lot more attention than Halpern's or Eller's.
Still, Pouliot is having a great season in my eyes.

I can only hope they will keep him with Plek and place Cammy there instead of Darche. To be honest, I wish Martin would make AK play with Plek/Pouliot for now, I believe those three players would be able to create some great things as they can all move the puck rather well. Cammy is more of the shooter and this year, I often feel like he hesitates before passing it to AK. It always seems like his first option is to shot, then pass to Plek, then carry it, or then pass it to AK.
I have no issues with Darche though, he's had a terrific year so far, but we have to think ahead and establishing a solid top 6 is more important than having a good 3rd line. The ideal situation is obviously for Gauthier to move AK, but until this happens, we have to start solidifying our offense.

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