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01-13-2011, 09:21 AM
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I don't believe in moral victories. The coach in me says you always have to take a positive away from every play, game or series. Sometimes it may seem lame but it's really important from a sports psychology standpoint. You also have to learn from the mistakes, but that goes without saying. So if you want to call it moral victory, fine but you're missing the point. I think it sucks as much as anyone we didn't win that series but we played Chicago better then anyone else did and we were in the best position we've ever been in a playoff situation. Both mean we performed better then we ever had in the playoffs and shows improvement. Not as much improvement as everyone had hoped, but improvement. Since we didn't win the series, I can at least look back on it and see what we did better then we had in the past. I can also see what we need to improve on. The fact is that Weber and Suter didn't lose the series for us, having them together was one of the reasons we were in the position to win the series.

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