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01-13-2011, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by L-train View Post
Wow, that's a ****ed up system if the players are only getting paid that and the clubs are making millions upon millions in transfer fees.
Most of the big clubs (Manchester United, Real Madrid) are in INSANE debt. I think half of the Premier League are in debt.

To be honest, these clubs are being bought by billionaires and are having money pumped into them, a lot of them are operating at a loss otherwise. They are basically just inflating the value of these clubs to they can sell them again and brag to their buddies about the teams they own. To an American, it's an insane system.

The best part about this? Some of America's biggest sports NFL, NBA, NHL are run with salary caps and drafts by standings (sounds like communism, doesnt it?) and Europe runs their sports by the almighty dollar/pound/euro in a buy-low/sell-high system (sounds like capitalism) and nobody over here in the states even mentions this. Heck, MLB, the biggest non-Salary Cap sport in North America is the closest thing to a capitalist system in sports over here and people complain about it's lack of a salary cap constantly, haha.

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