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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Funny you mention Rooney; his younger brother, John, was selected by the Red Bulls today.

Edit: I don't know much about US college soccer... 5 of the top 8 players selected played at Akron; what's the deal with their program?
Yeah, picked right after the Farfan at #24. Just what the Red Bulls want, another "name".

Originally Posted by L-train View Post
Oh, I understand the European transfer system quite well. It really is crazy with the debt some of those teams carry because of egotistical billionares... I just feel the players kinda get shafted. Do they have anything like free agency over there? I don't think they do... that must suck.

I'm more a fan of the US-based system, but not a fan of salary caps...
I hate the US-based salary cap system. Why does the US have to be so different from the rest of the world? MLS flat out rejects moving to a single table because they want "rivalries". Every league overseas with a single table has rivalries. Rivalries are about proximity and history. Conferences can try to do that, but I'd rather a single table. A single table makes everyone your rival, conferences make only conference teams your rivals. However, over here everyone wants to be a champ. NL EAST Champs. Eastern Conference Champs. None of that means jack **** to me. I the Championship of the League, I dont give a **** about divisions or conferences.

They do have free agency technically in Europe, they just call it "free transfer" because you do not need a transfer fee to acquire a player when his contract runs out.

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