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10-09-2003, 06:11 AM
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Originally Posted by speeds
Lowetide, is EDM building a contender, or not? If they are, they wait for a fit, plain and simple, no taking less just to get rid of a headache.

This team may well miss the playoffs anyways, with or without Comrie, I wouldn't even worry about that part of things.
We butted heats a bit on this subject before the '02-03 season, as I recall. You felt the Oilers should start dealing for younger assets ASAP, and I wanted them to take a run with what they had in the lineup. As it turns out, Lowe kind of compromised... dealing for mid-20s guys at the trade deadline.

This year, I'm more on your side of things- I think the timing is right to think long-term. I think the impending labour dispute will help minimize the "short-term pain" of a retooling process. I wouldn't have wanted to go into the lockout having missed the playoffs in 3 straight seasons, but I think the fans will forgive the team if they miss the playoffs this season (they might buy their next couch at Leon's instead of The Brick, though...)

I'd say that hanging on to Comrie for a while and seeing whether interest increases would be the way to go. I don't think the Oilers should be afraid of a bad start or afraid to miss the post-season. I think that some other teams, on the otherhand, will be very anxious to get in the post-season, and that might help boost the return in a Comrie deal.

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