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Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
So I'm just starting to follow soccer a bit more. Any suggestions on good sites to follow? Particularly for the Union/MLS?

I've tried to pick up the Premier League a few times, but I'll admit as an American it made no sense...until I started playing Football Manager 2010 (there are no real management sims available for American football, and sadly I've played the hell out of EHM, so I wanted something new). I think I get a lot more of it now, but I'd feel weird randomly picking a team over there. A Philadelphia team, OTOH, I can support without hesitation...OK, a little with the BIMBO logo, I guess.
Bigsoccer is a soccer forum. They have a Union forum, it's not as active as this forum, but you can get good information and analysis there.

I have only recently gotten into soccer due to actually trying FIFA 10 last year and also because of the Union.

EPL is solid, the talent level is insane. It makes MLS look like College ball. I have been watching the odd game on ESPN3 when I can. I've been following Arsenal lately. I've seen some ManU, ManCity, Everton and Tottenham games also. Everton is fun to watch since they have Tim Howard. Go USA!

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