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01-13-2011, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by RegalRangers View Post
Alright if anyone is particularly photoshop savvy and want to take a stab I can create a zip file with the .psd file, the font and some brief instructions.

Otherwise, I've got some free time and I'd be glad to make a ton of these things. I've already got a few requests to get through but feel free to post requests here rather than PMing me (my box is almost full). If there's a specific photo you want used be sure to post it.

I can't do anymore detailed animation because of the file size limit. I would LOVE to have Torts breathing fire like HockeyBasedNYC suggested but alas, three head nods is all I can do.

If anyone wants a "______ is NOT a Torts kind of guy" I can do that. For example... Ms. Piggy is NOT a Torts Kind of Guy.
like Frolov or Zherdev? haha

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