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Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
So I'm just starting to follow soccer a bit more. Any suggestions on good sites to follow? Particularly for the Union/MLS?

I've tried to pick up the Premier League a few times, but I'll admit as an American it made no sense...until I started playing Football Manager 2010 (there are no real management sims available for American football, and sadly I've played the hell out of EHM, so I wanted something new). I think I get a lot more of it now, but I'd feel weird randomly picking a team over there. A Philadelphia team, OTOH, I can support without hesitation...OK, a little with the BIMBO logo, I guess.
Well if your an American supporter... I recommend you go to...

They also have info on transfers, and other good stuff, not just the USMNT

I'm a huge soccer fan, #1 team is Arsenal, but since there is no specific team coverage here in America, you need to like multiple teams. Over the last couple years I have been watching Bolton (For Stuart Holden), Man U (For Rooney, Nani), Liverpool (For El Nino Torres, Gerrard) and Everton (For Howard, Donovan when he was there)

Teams I despise....Chelsea, even though i love Lampard, Sunderland, and a random - Bayern Munich


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