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01-13-2011, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post

you just gained a ton of respect from this poster.

I am (or at least was) very familair with the Anchor Steam Brewery as all duirng law school we used to go almost every Thursday afternoon. havent been there since (and that was moer than a few years ago.

The Stone Brewery in Escondido is a nice day trip as well. (Thanks Melissa!) Was there with Scribe and Surly 'bout 6 months back.

Lost Coast is one of my Favorite Brewery's (their Brother Thelonius is a favorite) although I haven't been there but like their product.

I couldn't even begin to list my favorites as in the last 7 months I've had more good/great beers than in the previous 40+ years. Thats what happens when they open up a Bev'MO just 50 yards from one's office. My beer expense quadrupled.
Have you had Lost Coast's 20th Anniversary Ale? I was pleasantly surprised by it.

As you can see the bf and I take vacations around breweries. Who needs wine tasting? lol Loved the experience of driving up hwy 1 from San Fran to Fort Bragg and then continue up the 101 to Eureka. What a trip!

For some reason we haven't made the trek south (even though I live in south OC). We have a huge list of must haves for our southern excursion, hopefully to take place this summer when I'm all healed from back surgery.

I still have some other breweries in the SF area I want to visit like 21st Amendment and stopping by the Rogue brewpub. If you're ever up in the Santa Rosa area around the first weekend in February, stop by Russian River since that is when they release Pliny the Younger. It's their Triple IPA, rated A+++ on any beeradvocate/ratebeer site. Best beer I have ever had. They don't bottle it and it's a seasonal release. (You should stop by anyway, regardless of the time of year for their other amazing brews)

Bev Mo is great, but if you want a phenomenal experience, you have to go to Hi-Time Wine Cellar in Costa Mesa. The walk in beer fridge is a must - just bring a jacket. lol

A great local place to wet your whistle is Rock & Brews on Main St. in El Segundo. Thankfully the bf lives within walking distance to it... otherwise there would be trouble! Right now they're kicking off their IPA fest and are getting some pretty amazing things... errr... I mean, TERRIBLE things on draft! Yeah! That's it! Stop by next month once we get our fill of all the IPAs.

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