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01-14-2011, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
You obviously didn't read the trade thread, or at least beyond page 3, if you believe that.

And as far as Duchene goes, I'm going to call you out on having seen 1 or fewer Avs game if you disagree that a 19 year old who currently leads his team in goals, assists and points is anything other than a blue chip stud.
Thank you Melrose for summing that one up for me.

I dont think the Avs would deal Stastny right now, let alone their 19 year old Duchene. He is by far their best player. Satarbyk, you need to take in an Avs game or two and just watch this kid play. But you know what you dont even have to do that. Just watch his highlights. A recent example being the Avs/Detroit game a couple nights ago. The kid can flat out play.

As for your response to my comments on the whole drury thing, I think you are the one who's hockey knowledge needs to be questioned. Listen I'm just as disappointed as you are with the salary he makes because he will never produce what players should when they earn $7 million in a season. The main problem with the part of this fan base that despises drury so much is that they let his salary develop their expectations for him. Because he makes so much everyone naturally expects him to at least pot 70 points. But if you really pay attention and have some kind of hockey knowledge you know drury just isnt that player. Believe me satarbyk I KNOOOOW you cant stand the intangibles argument just like offdacrossbar cant either.

The truth is he does bring things to the table that help us win games. I thought he was very good in tonights game against Vancouver. I mean we won 1-0. It was the type of game where drury becomes an integral part. And Torts knew that and showed he knew that because all you have to do is look at Drury's ice time compared to his line mates Avery and Weise. Torts relied on him heavily throughout the game especially in the defensive end. You can hate the guy all you want but he certainly does not hurt this team. The rangers management has developed and brought in other players to score the goals because they know at this point in drury's career he can no longer do that, BUT he can still help a team win a game. He is still a great defensive forward. Every playoff contending team needs a player like that. Sure so many people can and have argued well we can have some kid/prospect do the same thing for cheaper, but honestly you cant. Because some kid/prospect does not have that big game experience. They dont have that experience of knowing what it takes to win a hockey game in the NHL. Drury does because he's already done it. I'm not saying I want to re-sign him. All I'm saying with our current situation, since the REALITY is he wont be moveable with his NMC, I certainly do not mind that this guy is on the team.

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