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Originally Posted by Dutch Dreams View Post
Hi guys. Anytime I think of Kadri; of course - there have been a lot of comparisons made, but anytime I see this guy play I'm always reminded of Giroux, who's about as close to a player as Kadri should project to be.

Both are smaller, tenacious natural centers with unreal stickhandling ability and killer vision - although I think Kadri has more of a mean streak and a slightly larger build, while Giroux is more accomplished defensively and is a better finisher.

Even their early career paths have went quite similarly so far, which saw Giroux, of course, produce at his highest junior pace his last year of eligibility, and dominate in the subsequent playoffs. He also produced at the WJC's.

I see in 08-09 Giroux wasn't called up until about the end of December, and remained with the team from then on, meanwhile having produced at a PPG in the A, and ultimately putting up 27 points in 42 games up with the big team. Kadri himself is in much a similar situation, as he did receive an earlier call-up, due to our lack of offensive depth, but has also remained a PPG player in the A. He assisted on 6 goals in 17 games and generally created a lot of chances for himself and others throughout the majority of his call-up, although he did struggle in his last few games, being scratched for multiple games on end before being finally sent down. To match Giroux's half a season of 08-09 who still could be called up within about the next 20 games, and from his first stint could be on pace at least for about as many assists as Giroux had in his first call-up. Goals haven't come but he has been getting his chances, and, as said - Giroux just is a better finisher than Kadri.

All these stats are cute and all, but I'd really like to know how Giroux developed early on in his career. What did he do that stood out positively? What did he have to work on? How many minutes was he playing? Was he getting powerplay time? How were faceoffs? Who were his linemates, etc.. ???

I just see a lot of similarities in their games, as both of them are smaller guys who excel within the space the center position gives them, allowing them to create space for themselves through some disgusting stickhandling, and create space for their teammates through some innate vision.

Giroux has a little more offensive upside with his finishing ability. He also seems more rounded a player, but of course that's from watching him since his sophomore season. Kadri is quite raw physically, and needs to learn the finer side of defensive positioning, but ya of course I'm looking at him as a rookie, which is exactly why I'd like to know how a similar developed, especially while in the earliest stages of his pro career, which of course is where Kadri is now.

Thanks Guys.
There is no comparison, in fact poll the 28 other GMs in the league Kadri is no or never will be as good as Giroux. Kadri is small, light, scared of corners and a perimeter player who cannot crack a dreadful team. Kadri has been overrated by the TO media and will amount to nothing more than a 3rd or 4th line checker..if he learns the role. And in closing get your eyes checked there are no similarities in their games.

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