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01-14-2011, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by loadie View Post
The only thing I found amusing about the whole "Pose" thing, is that a bunch of millionaires who are paid to play a game need something to get them pumped to play. I could see if Price two handed Malkin or banged the coaches wife, but a pose?

Wow dude why are you so bitter and jealous? Were you bullied by jocks when you were a kid?

Fact is, pro athletes (especially hockey and football players) put their bodies on the line every day of the year for our enjoyment, and the market says owners can pay them 3-4-5M a year and still make money. Most of them can barely walk past the age of 45 because their bodies take more of a beating in 1 night than you and I will face in our entire lives and the average career is less than 5 years..

Be mad at the cast of Jersey Shore for undeservingly making $5M US a year, or talentless "artists" like Lady Gaga making $100M a year or Nicolas Cage making $20M a movie (3-4 months of shooting). But don't piss on guys who have more guts and balls in the tip of their little finger than most of us in our entire bodies just because you hate your ****** mid-income job...


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