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Originally Posted by Max et Guillaume View Post
Wow dude why are you so bitter and jealous? Were you bullied by jocks when you were a kid?

Fact is, pro athletes (especially hockey and football players) put their bodies on the line every day of the year for our enjoyment, and the market says owners can pay them 3-4-5M a year and still make money. Most of them can barely walk past the age of 45 because their bodies take more of a beating in 1 night than you and I will face in our entire lives and the average career is less than 5 years..

Be mad at the cast of Jersey Shore for undeservingly making $5M US a year, or talentless "artists" like Lady Gaga making $100M a year or Nicolas Cage making $20M a movie (3-4 months of shooting). But don't piss on guys who have more guts and balls in the tip of their little finger than most of us in our entire bodies just because you hate your ****** mid-income job...

Ok, firstly, I'm not bitter at anyone making money playing hockey. My point from the start, which I assume you've read, was the inability of a team (The Pens in this case) to have to use the pose that Price did after the shootout to get pumped to play a team that just beat them on home ice.

I understand that professional sports careers can be short, fair enough, but don't you think it's a little odd that someone can make more in a year playing a sport than some professionals make in their entire life? Maybe when a sports career ends, get a job?

As for my hating my ****ing mid-income job, I have 28 yrs military service with tours of Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. Maybe we can send all of these guys with all the balls and guts making millions into Helmond province and see how they do? I have a funny feeling they'll be able to get up for their next hockey game.



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