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10-09-2003, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Flamin Homer
With that being about this:

To Pittsburgh- Comrie

To Edmonton- Kraft and Fata

Don't know how fans of both teams feel about this but....

Edmonton has normally had to take prospect or younger players when they have had to deal some proven players. Being a Flames fan I don't want to see the Oilers improve beyond us but being an Albertan and a Canadian hockey fan, I don't want to see the Oilers or the Flames taken to the cleaners just because of the $$$. For the sake of the Oilers I hope K-Lowe gets decent return for Mike "the human BOBBLEHEAD" Comrie.
Two potential busts until they prove otherwise for a good young player in Comrie? The Oilers might lose Comrie, but your proposal would make them lose Lowe to, because I'm sure he would die from laughter if ever offered that for Comrie.

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