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01-14-2011, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by XperHFB View Post
But theres a problem too, will he want to sign for less?? If in his mind its clear that he will become "better" then I think that means he necessarily wants more...
Do you seriously assume the guy is an idiot and is unable to grasp the situation as you can no matter what he says to the media? Obviously he'll know that he cannot get what he would've got before the injury and that he will have to go for a shared risk contract, unless a team is dumb and goes to offer him something like 35-45M/5-6 years. But I really doubt it, and if the money is similar to another offer even if slightly lower I'm pretty sure he'll stay here.

I'm happy if truly in his mind he believes he'll be better, and I sure hope he will get there (33 y.o. is really not that old for a talented defenseman btw). That doesn't mean he'll ask for a bigger contract NOW, but he might be willing to sign a shorter contract and prove that he deserves more, which would make perfect sense.

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