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01-14-2011, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
and salary wasn't dumped the right way...while NJ may be in last place that is partly because they are letting their "Devils for life" retire respectfully...keeping guys who have been there with them through it all past their prime...Gagne is one of the few guys Clarke wanted to be a Flyer for life...You don't think Gags should have retired a Flyer?
I respect Clarke more that I can relate here... that said, that is one reason Clarke burned out and was passed by by the 'New' NHL... The Cap and desire to win the Cup precluded Gagne from staying a Flyer until he retired. As sad as it is to say this, but Homer's decision to go another route has been a correct one so far... Now with Walker back and the Cap space not as much of a reduction as it once was, and Gagne playing we will see if it continues to be the correct move. There is also still the opportunity that Walker can be flipped as an asset, or that he can prove to be a good piece in the Flyers SC puzzle. As it is Gagne staying in O&B and altering the moves Homer made in the off-season seems to not the best way to go.

Being hard hearted, for better or worse, is sadly required in pro sports today, IMO.

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