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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post

On a side note, what is with everyone always badmouthing Eklund? I know he isn't "right" all the time, but he never claims to be. He just reports what he hears. If that means an intern tells him he overheard another intern talking to his brother who said that he heard Holmgren was talking about a trade, fine. He rarely, if ever, says that things are going to happen. He only says he heard that things might go down. Then everyone freaks out on him when the stuff doesn't happen. I don't doubt these talks are going on, I would be willing to bet that most GMs field calls about their top prospects all the time and even make calls and offer top prospects. It's not like only the trades that happen are ever talked about and only trades that are reported by ESPN are the only ones being talked about. GMs kick the tires all the time to see what they can get for certain players and what certain players can be had for. Doesn't mean anything will ever happen, but people talk and Eklund reports.
Exactly... I've met Eklund and he is a schmoozer... he knows his hockey and like everybody else he has his opinions and his favorites... He has sources, some high and some very low; some good and some not so good. Also some sources try to use him for their own benefit; he makes no bones about this... He is basically reporting anything he hears as long as it is not harmful, and it is not his job to weed through the ones from decent sources... He can and does however comment on them very often, and at times gives a hint to the strength of the source.

It must be remembered that he has local roots and was and is still a Flyers fan... He has more local sources and his ears are around Flyers poop more than any other Organization's. On average he has more Flyers rumors and info, so it only goes that he would have a higher amount of Flyers related rumors.

And he is in the business and feeds his family with this... so, yes he has to look at the Web hits, and has to aim for as many as he can get... as well as as many sponsors. Demographics is huge for him.

I agree that we must listen... but take everything FWIW and with a grain of salt.

That said, for some odd reason this one has a better ring than most others... I have no idea why... Maybe it is how he stated it; his tone was different.

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