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10-09-2003, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue
I don't discount the idea of signing a veteran because I thought Oates or Ronning would be good signing for us also, but in the big picture what do we get out of it?
The big picture is that one year of that veteran can provide the valuable leadership that could give us 2-3 rounds of playoffs instead of one or none. The experience can be passed on in the one season that can be carried by the rest of this group for years and give them something to build on.

If Lowe is building this team for sustained success post CBA, then why sacrifice the spot of one of the kids for a grizzled veteran that can only help us for one year (and still not put us closer to the cup).
What exactly is the kid going to learn and from whom at 8 minutes a game? One year of sitting beside Adam Oates for Torres, Chimera, etc etc will do more than that. All of that experience passed from the veteran is what is going to get us closer to the cup. When you look at the defining moment indicated by Gretzky to the Oilers first cup is when Glen Sather paraded the team past the Isles dressing room after the 1983 loss. The Oilers took their lessons from the Islander veterans. Does anyone on this Oiler team have an idea what it takes to win?

We won't win it this year or the next so why not let the kids grow together, then when it's time to push for the cup let Lowe assess what veteran presence may best help. Bottom line I think it's too soon to look in that direction.
The kids have grown together until they get old enough to trade. If they are never taught how to win, they will never push for a cup. It isn't a direction. And if you are hell bent on giving that last spot to Stoll then why is Pisani on this team? Why isn't Rita on this team? Why do we have Scott Ferguson or Cory Cross playing over Doug Lynch? Ultimately seeing the success of other markets is what has to motivate this franchise. Minnesota had Cliff Ronning, Anaheim had Oates and Thomas. They both went further in the playoffs last year than the Oilers have been since 1991-92. There has to be something said about that.

As for Vancouver's signing, it's clear that they are looking to fit the final parts of a cup team together but aren't they about 3 years too late for Keane to be really helpful? The guy's all used up.
If Keane was all used up Brandon Reid wouldn't be in Manitoba. If you are Burke and Crawford watching camp, you think that you put a lesser player on your roster than someone you thought could play better? Keane has 3 rings. The Oilers Roster has none.

Personally I think they should have gone after Oates. I think he is still a better player than Morrison- couldn't imagine the damage Naslund Oates and Bertuzzi could do? But I guess Burke was looking for a bargain.
Like I said I don't intend to debate how good or not good Mike Keane is. It isn't a matter of this guy or that guy. Having one experienced guy that knows what it takes to win is an asset that this team hasn't had since the early 90s.

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