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The 2011 ATD-B Beer League Draft

The 2011 Beer Draft

Ideally an annual January tradition to look at guys not drafted or profiled in the year just ended who have ANY reason to be drafted, that is, huge question marks with some potential for success in the drafts. Instead of profiling the next-best overall, the idea is to talk about those who have some intriguing appeal in a discussion of all-time greats, who may be an all-time great!!!! but we simply don't know it because there's not enough historical info or the competition level wasn't great enough or injury severely shortened his career. The point here is not to look for the 1500th ranked guys but the guys who truly MAY HAVE BEEN top-1000 all-time but we simply don't know it or fate got in the way, profiling whatever hints there may be to their greatness. These are not guys you would have offered a contract to in the MLD/AAA/AA but you certainly have reason to have had a cup of coffee with them, taking a flyer to invite them to an all-time great camp as a tryout. They have demonstrated greatness in an all-time context, and there is a reason to believe they maybe could have been recognized as an all-time great, if history hadn't gotten in the way.

Beer League Draft Rules:

1. Draft a 24-player squad just like in the ATD/MLD/AAA/AA, but two picks per day for 12 days, anytime from 7 am eastern.
2. Nobody drafted in 2010 are eligible nor are any that are profiled at any time on the previous year's Undrafteds thread. Those in the B-League Draft are to no longer post undrafteds until this draft is over.
3. All active present day players must have a min. 300 pro hockey games by Dec. 31st 2010.
4. Post a REASON why the guy might be an all-time great, along with questions and concerns. Keep a running summary of each pick's rationale on one's roster post.


JustOneOfTheGuys - Wembley Lions
Hedberg - Daytona Beach Breakers
Zamboni Mania - Quebec Bulldogs
seventieslord - Melville Millionaires
BiLLY_ShOE1721 - China Sharks

The draft has ended.

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