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01-14-2011, 11:27 PM
Hans Rutherford
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Welp since I'm planning on sleeping in til whenever tomorrow and plan on watching football and hockey all day, I figured this would be good opportunity to grab some new brews to try. Didn't get a whole lot but I wanted to try out some new stouts. Since I'm almost addicted to Rouge's Chocolate Stout I figured I'd tryout their Shakespeare/Oatmeal stout, I don't even know if I've ever had an oatmeal stout before (though it seems like everyone brews one) to be honest but I remember hearing good things about it here and other places as well. Then I finally saw a bottle of DFH Worldwide Stout on the shelves, even though $8.50 for one 12 fl oz bottle seems ridiculous, it was just calling me. I figured I should probably grab it while I still had the chance because one would end up in my hands sooner or later. Though I'm not sure about it's quality just yet, I'm sure it's there, I'll be getting my moneys worth in alcohol content, 18% ABV? jeez...

So I was content with just that, since I'm still loaded with all kinds of other stuff from the holidays, and went to checkout and what do you know. They had a whole bunch of Troegs Nugget Nectar stack right beside the register I was checking out from and grab a six-pack of it right there as I was checking out. And am enjoying one of them right now. Great taste, kind of fruity but loaded with a strong amount of hops and malts so it's not so overwhelming. I'll be enjoying this stuff as long as I can.

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