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10-09-2003, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by HotToddy
Yeah like me maximized our return on Marchant! By sitting Comrie out you hurt the team short term but you decrease the odds of this ever happening again. Besides if Comrie say he won't play here how good is K-Lowes trade leverage? Not Very.
The situations have some differences you would have to agree. I was in the trade Todd at the deadline camp because I knew he was gone. I thought it was ridiculous that Lowe didn't qualify him. But Lowe wasn't not qualifying him to prove a point. Lowe didn't hang on to him to prove a point.

Lowe decided they needed him to make the playoffs. They needed him if they were to attempt another first round upset.

The distraction of not having the Comrie situation from a player's standpoint is a negative. Wouldn't you want to eliminate that negative?

The other part and let's just throw out a name for the sake of argument. And you have one of these two choices.

Mike Comrie learning a lesson.


Jiri Fischer as your number 4 guy pushing Ferguson to the press box.

Let's not let our emotion do our talking for us. Sure the situation sucks and we would all love a Comrie-Smyth-Hemsky line for a full season.

As far as leverage. Mike Comrie sits as long as Kevin Lowe says so. Kevin Lowe has good forwards that he sent to the minors so he has the depth to live without Mike for a while. As the team plays well, the Oiler's leverage moves up. If the team falters, Mike's goes up. But I think Lowe would accept that fact and not trade Mike until the value is there. And to me...that is all that matters.

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