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01-15-2011, 10:04 AM
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Some time ago there was a thread on the main board asking to summarize a franchise in a single picture. Many of the posts made by people were either signifying the glory times of a team (player lifting the cup) or a horrible downfall (foot in the crease for Buffalo, Gretzky getting a pass on a high stick for Toronto).

I chose the picture of Lappy on the bench after taking that slapshot to the Face against Buffalo last season. Admittedly, I had to decide between that the picture of Jason Smith with his open cheek and the red eye.

I was later asked why I chose that picture, rather than Clarkie toothlessly grinning with the Cup in his hand. This was my answer:

I thought about that one too. Another I thought about was Hextall beating the **** out of Chelios, but there are several reasons I chose the Laperriere pick over them. It just encapsules what the Flyers stand for, in my opinion: Toughness, perseverance, physicality, sacrifice, effort, playing for the team rather than for oneself, etc.

Most of the other pics I've seen here either show one of the franchises high points, or one of the low points, rather than what the team is about on a game by game basis. So would have the Pic of Clarkie. The Laperriere pic on the other hand is from a relatively minor player in franchise history, who may only play one season with the Flyers, and from a regular season game, but it shows exactly what the team is about not matter when, no matter where.
Naturally, I believe the same applies to the man in the picture. He's simply what Flyers hockey is about.

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