Thread: Injury Report: Derek Boogaard; concussion?
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01-15-2011, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Rangers44 View Post
Booger is overrated as a fighter. All he has is one of the longest reaches. His balance sucks, his technique is average, and he isn't overly strong.

He sucks so much that the other teams knock him down with hits much more than he ever knocks anybody down with hits. Let him spend the rest of the contract in Hartford. We can't afford to waste a spot on such a player.
Judging by your post, your only as good as your last fight/game eh?

Overrated is not very accurate at all. Enforcers didn't rerally want to fight him becuase he was tough for anyone to handle. You an get hurt opening up agaisnt a guy like him. Even in the Carkenr fight, yeah Boogaard took a nasty one, but he also delivered one too.

But...Give me one other Heavy that was his size that has his win/loss record when it comes down to fights? He is upper echelon when it comes to that, and what better way to gauge a fight and how good he is then by his win/loss record. Add his TKO's and KO's and not only do you have a fighter that have a fighter that is feared.

But the other comment on his hits? That is just completely off base. Boogaard has crushed people with his hits, and when Bettman compiled the rediculous "hit to hurt" list Boogaard had to tone it down. Not that he was dirty, but becuase he is a damn giant so when he hits you everything appeared to be a charging penalty, or an easy penalty for the oppositiuon to embellish by the semi-turn when they are about to make contact.

Look, the guy is out of the llineup and may not return. It happened as a freak incident, but lets not plaster him with nonsense that isn't accurate in his absence. They guy is on IR fighting for this club. Think we owe the guy a little more than that.

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