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Originally Posted by angry pirate View Post
The same guarantee that you have that he doesn't. Except I'm starting to have history on my side. After this season is said and done Markov will have played a total of 53 games out of 183 over the last 2 seasons. Add a few more if we make the playoffs this year. He's only played 29% of our games. That's a bit of a liability when your talking 5.7 Million dollars. EDIT *sorry, it's 60 games for 33%*
Actually history can be on my side as well, Markov's recovery history indicates that he is resilient and capable of bouncing back given sufficient time to heal. Last time around he wasn't given that and was rushed back because our D was getting quite brutal.

Also taking the stats from the past 2 seasons only? typical what have you done for me mentality. How about the 4 seasons between the lockout and the injury where he played 304 games of 328 or 92%.

Following your logic then we shouldn't offer Gorges or any other player for that matter more than a 1 year deal just in case they get an injury that requires lengthy recovery.

Top 10 d-men don't come cheap nor are they easy to find, more so those that are willing to play in Montreal. You'll end up having to overpay someone lesser than Markov to play in his position and carry his workload, whether that person will be able to or not you can't know just yet. I'd rather keep Markov and get a good second pairing guy to help take some of the pressure off him.

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