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Originally Posted by Brentbreakaway23 View Post
Graf's website says they are for Graf skates only

I have the yellow superfeet and they haven't bothered me. I kinda notice that my skates don't lock my heels as well, but I have attributed that to my foot deformities.

I think skates have a lot to do with how you tie them, and what kind of socks you wear.

I wear thin socks(runners socks actually), and noticed they felt better than the thicker Bauer or Easton hockey socks I use to wear.

When I lace my skates, the first few eyelets around my toe-box going back to my insole are snug, but not tight. My tighest lace is around my instep.
that's a load of bunk... have you ever actually seen the insoles in person, seen the fitting process or know anyone who has them? because if you did, you'd know that once the molding process is finished, the insoles are shaved down by hand to custom fit the inside of the skate boot. doesn't matter what boot they are. i have them in my x60's and they are fantastic. the only reason they say they is as a disclaimer in case you're not satisfied with how they fit in your boot.

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