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10-09-2003, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Flamin Homer
I respect your opinion about the Oil being beyond the Flames but I don't see it. Without getting into a pi$$ing fight how can you say that? Comrie could be gone, Salo will have to have a great year, Smyth is playing a new position, Marchant is gone, the Oilers top4 dmen are decent but none of them are going to win the Norris (Niether will any Flames), D-Vo is a career high 20 goal man????? I will give credit where it is due, Hemsky is a very good player but I hope that the preasure put on him doesn't make him choke.

As for the Flames I would rather have Iginla, Conroy and McCammond. Yelle, Kobasew and Betts. On Defense I like Gauthier, Regher, Lydman and Warriner better then your top 4. Turek..well he's Turek. One good season followed by one bad season. I hope this year is his good season.

The way I look at it is that both teams will be struggling to find the 8th playoff spot.

As for a deal for Comrie.

To Dallas- Comrie

To Edmonton- Malholtra and Ott

To NYR- Comrie

To Edmonton- Lundmark and Barnaby

To NYI- Comrie

To Edmonton- Parrish and Timmander

I don't really know what Edmonton would be looking for in return but they are deals just off the top of my head.

Most Flame fans don't see the potential in the OIl, not a shot, more just an observation. The fact is the Oilers got 92 points last year and the Flaes didn't get to 80. Smyth will alwys put up good numbers and Dvorak actually hit 30+ goal once and we are hoping he can do it again.

Your top line is better then our, I will grant you that. Iginla is money, but our 2nd 3rd and 4th lines are all superior to yours and frankly our goalie is better. He had a bad year last year but will rebound. The guy has a stamp in Sweden. Your D I'll giv the overall od to , but sinply all 4 of our line can score and we can roll them out fast. While most teams checking lines are on Isbister - Smyth and Dvorak, Hemsky - York and Chimera will be able to skate circles around them, or vice versa. I am pretty optimistic about the Oil this year.

Best of luck though, I would like to see the Flames in the big dance, it has been far too long since the Oilers have knocked you out of the playoffs


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